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7 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Our job as a personal injury law firm is difficult because we see people suffering from the consequences of other people's or companies' negligence. Most automobile cases could be avoided if we were more aware and cautious on the roads. It is easy to avoid serious injury and death by taking simple steps. The sad truth is that every driver has the potential of causing a car accident. Accidents are possible at any moment. When we speed, it increases the likelihood that we and others will sustain serious injuries or even death.

A car accident can lead to almost any kind of injury. Even minor accidents can cause serious injuries. There are however some injuries that are more common in car accidents than others. Each year, thousands are injured or even killed in car accidents. These incidents can lead to expensive medical bills, as well as funeral expenses. It is important to hire a car accident lawyer who will help you obtain just compensation for your accident.

But, what are the most common car accident injuries?

Today, we will be covering the 7 most common injuries from car accidents. We have mentioned that car accident victims suffer from many injuries. Below is a list of the injuries we most frequently see in our car accident injury cases.

  1. Internal injuries

These can include internal bleeding and damage to internal organs. Watch out for symptoms like dizziness and fainting, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, swelling, or deep purple skin.

  1. Soft tissue damage 

This can include trauma to the muscles, skin, tendons, and ligaments. Whiplash is the most common type of soft tissue injury. You should be on the lookout for signs of soft tissue damage such as pain, swelling, bruising and limited range motion.

  1. Head injuries

Car accidents are a very common cause of head injuries. People may sustain concussions or traumatic brain injury in more severe car accidents. Watch out for bleeding, nausea, and vomiting.

  1. Chest injuries 

These symptoms can range from bruises and broken bones to internal organ damage. Watch out for signs such as shortness of breath and numbness.

  1. Arm/leg injuries 

Broken or fractured bones are possible, although most commonly bruises and scrapes. The most common symptoms to look out for are pain, swelling, and tingling.

  1. Scrapes and cuts

These can be found in the skin's layers. These wounds are obvious, but it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms. Consult a doctor immediately if there is any swelling, pain, redness, fever, larger scabs, or redness.

  1. Back injuries 

These include spinal cord injuries. These include mild to severe pain and fractures. The symptoms to look out for are tenderness, stiffness, or muscle spasms as well as pain and paralysis.

What steps should I take after a car accident injury?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance and necessity of taking the necessary steps after a car crash. There are some important things to keep in mind, regardless of the type or severity of your accident. These steps will help you ensure your safety as well as that of those around you.

  • Inspect yourself for injuries. Call for medical attention if you think you may have a minor injury.
  • Move the car to the side. It is best to move the car to a safe place so that it does not pose a risk to other drivers. Get to safety if the car is not possible to move.
  • Contact the police. It is important that you contact the police for any minor accident. Make sure you have a copy of the accident report when you call the police.
  • Exchange information. Get the contact information for everyone involved in the accident, and any witnesses.
  • Take photos and notes about the accident. Notes and photos of the accident scene should be taken as detailed as possible. It is important to have documentation of evidence as memories fade over time.
  • Contact your attorney for car accident cases. Once you have received medical attention, it is important to get in touch with an attorney. The Healy & Jordan Law Firm can handle minor and major car accident cases.

Get in touch immediately after you have been treated for a car accident. Healy & Jordan Law Firm handles all aspects of car accident cases, major and minor.

Should I see a doctor soon after suffering from a car accident injury?

To avoid aggravating an injury, it is important to see a doctor immediately. There are several ways that waiting to see a doctor can negatively impact your health. The most important thing is that not all injuries manifest themselves immediately. Waiting to see a physician can make your injuries more severe than they already are. The sooner you go to the doctor, the easier it is to pursue your personal injuries claim. Waiting can allow insurance companies to try to deny liability or pay less compensation for your injuries. Your medical records can be used to prove that you were actually injured in an accident.

How can a personal injury lawyer help me after a car crash?

Experienced and knowledgeable lawyers are often helpful following a car crash. You don't want more stress after a car accident. You can focus on your recovery by allowing your lawyer to handle the case. Attorneys will ensure that your case is fully investigated. Every piece of evidence, large or small, is crucial in determining liability.

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