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Arrested, facing criminal charges, under criminal investigation? It can simply be frighteningly overwhelming. The Healy & Jordan Law Firm will plainly explain your rights under the law and be your aggressive step-by-step guide throughout your case. Immediate action is crucial as memories fade, witnesses disappear and evidence is lost. The more time an attorney has prior to trial the better developed your defense may be.

The Healy & Jordan Law Firm offers free consultations for all criminal defense cases and designs a budget for each client’s cause through trial. Whether it be an accusation of unlawful drug possession, drug distribution, drug manufacturing, domestic violence, assault, burglary, robbery, DUI, sex crimes, or any other offense, we not only aggressively pursue your case assuring you are afforded every protection provided under the law, but do so as economically as possible.

Your freedom dear and too important to take chances with. If you are charged with a crime or being investigated, contact The Healy & Jordan Law Firm for a free consultation and speak with an attorney.


Following an arrest or charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), an individual encounters potential serious consequences that include incarceration as well as the loss of driving privileges. The Healy & Jordan Law Firm has successfully defended individuals through trial as well as the courts of appeal following DUI charges.

There is a multitude of issues that arise after DUI charges are assessed against an individual and typically the most crucial are not readily apparent. To obtain the best possible result you need an experienced, knowledgeable defense attorney. The Healy & Jordan Law Firm can and will help you. We work with investigators, toxicologists, and other experts if necessary to properly analyze your situation and mount an aggressive defense. We will either resolve your case favorable before a court or aggressively defend you at trial. We protect your life, your family, your criminal record, your peace of mind, and your future.

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