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Mississippi Maritime Admiralty Lawyer

Are you an offshore worker who has been seriously injured on the job on the Gulf of Mexico or the Mississippi River?

At the experienced law offices of The Healy & Jordan Law Firm, our admiralty and maritime law personal injury attorneys are prepared to vigorously engage general liability insurers, self-insured and non-insured companies on your behalf when you have been hurt.

We fully understand the nature of marine oil, gas, fishing, and construction industries, and the problems that workers on large vessels can encounter. We protect the rights to the safety of roughnecks, roustabouts, and deckhands, and diligently represent your interests from start to finish of your case.

For over 33 years of maritime law practice, our lawyers have fought for the full financial compensation that injured offshore workers as you deserve. We investigate thoroughly and litigate aggressively. The negligence or inadequate equipment or security that led to your injury must not be allowed to stand.

You can trust our decades-long reputation for success in many maritime law cases. Simply put, we pay the utmost personal attention to your offshore accident personal injury case. We have won millions of dollars of settlements for our maritime injury clients.

Serving Mississippi & Louisiana Injury Clients

Call us today, toll-free, if your dangerous offshore work on oceans or rivers has led to severe accident injuries on:

  • Tug boats
  • Supply boats
  • Jackup rigs
  • Submersible rigs
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Construction work sites
  • Fishing operations

We actively pursue most accident personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you will pay no attorney fees unless we have won for you in court or during pre-trial discussions. We are also available and willing to handle cases on an hourly basis.

Help us to help you by being in touch with us today. Don't continue to suffer your offshore work injury alone. We have shown that we can achieve justice for you and your family. We will do whatever we can to promote your return to health and the work force.

Call Our Gulfport or New Orleans Maritime Law Offices, Toll-Free

We can take your toll-free phone, e-mail or fax contact right now. Call 228-575-4005 for a free initial consultation with The Healy & Jordan Law Firm.

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