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Mr. Healy is a person who I trust and respect

Mr. Healy represented me on a case wherein he sued an individual for money owed to me. His entire firm represented themselves in a professional manner. Every time I called to discuss my case, I always got to either speak to Mr. Healy or to one of his staff members who provided me with an updated status. I was copied on all correspondence to and from the Court which let me know how my case was proceeding. Mr. Healy is a person who I trust and respect very much! I value his advice and will seek his assistance when I am in need of an honest opinion. I was so impressed with Mr. Healy and his staff, that when a friend of mine was getting out of the Navy, I recommended that she apply for a position at his office because I thought she could learn a lot from him about the civilian legal system. She did and was hired for her first paralegal position, outside of the Navy. Oh and of course, Mr. Healy got a Default Judgment against the individual who owed me money and for that, I thank him very much! I would recommend Mr. Healy and his staff to anybody who is in need of representation. Thank you Mr. Healy and please thank you staff members!

Teresa Richardson

Very courteous and professional

The staff at the firm was very courteous and professional from the first day they took on my case. I was very satisfied with the firms handling of my case. Everyone in the office was very nice and pleasant to work with through the difficult and stressful period of time in my life. They were always available to answer any questions that I might have. The firm made sure all my medical bills were paid for while I was under the physician's care. Upon settlement of my case, the firm was able to settle for a large amount. I felt the settlement was fair and the firm made the process as smooth and painless as possible. I would recommend George W Healy to family and friends.

Anna Nguyen

Best lawyer on the coast!

I have trusted George Healy's law firm for 15 years. He is a very understanding and compassionate lawyer. The service he provides is one of perseverance and integrity. This law firm is very professional, and I always feel as though my case is very important to them. Best lawyer on the coast!

Adrienne Young

30 years business track record

Great attorney with a good 30 years business track record. Mr. Healy has the wisdom and knowledge of how to get the best for his clients. His hard work and dedication results in trust, experience and professionalism. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a real good attorney.

Kim Jordan


Mr Healy has handled several accident cases for my family. Most recently he helped with a succession. All cases were handled professionally. Mr Healy and staff were courteous.


Professional service and personal attention

I am very pleased with the results of this law firm. I have dealt with Mr. Healy and his staff for 5 years and find them to be professional and attentive to my needs. Mr. Healy listened to my points before our case came to court and he used them in court. I would recommend this law firm.

Mike Felter

As Good as They Come

I have used Mr. Healy on a several occasions and always won my cases. In addition as a CPA I have referred clients to him with 110% confidence that they will receive the very best of representation. I rarely if ever make such referrals since they are a reflection on me but in the case of Mr. Healy, I can do it with full confidence. I would recommend ANYONE needing an attorney and needing to win should begin and end the search with Mr. Healy.


Highly recommend to anyone

Would highly recommend to anyone needing legal counsel

James Steed

Great advice

I got some great advice on a legal issue

Charlotte Jerde

I love the service

I love the service and they will meet everyone of your needs..I will recommend this law firm to anyone in need of a great firm to represent them

Norman House

Quick to assess situation

Quick to assess situation, give good referral, attentive, no charge.

Ed Cox

Excellent legal support

Al provided excellent legal support. I strongly urge anyone in need of legal advice to reach out to him.

Aaron Bullock

Straight and to the point

I would highly recommend Al Jordan for legal services. His advice is straight and to the point. He is very easy to talk to and very easy to understand. Great to work with!

Gene Estilette

Very patient and easy to understand.

I strongly recommend Al Jordan... He is very patient and easy to understand. He offers options along with sound recommendations. Great guy to have on your team!

Ron Chase

Battled for me very hard since day one

When I needed legal representation, Mr.Jordan set up an appointment to hear my case within two days. I explained the situation and what was going on, he didn't even think about it and took the case. He and his team have battled for me very hard since day one and I can say, every time you call and he is in court, he returns your calls promptly and stays informed, and keeps his clients informed every step of the way. He has been very kind and I must say, no matter my situation I now have a team I can depend on and will never go anywhere else for legal services. Thank you for your services, Carter & Jordan are the best, that's all there is to it. 10 stars

Our lives are forever changed

It’s not very often a man gets custody of his child after a divorce but Mr. Jordan did just that for me and my son. After 3 years of fighting with a different attorney I contacted Mr. Jordan to see if he could help me and my son. Our lives are forever changes as a result. We are so excited! Thank you so much Mr. Jordan!

Robert Smith

Solid, helpful, legal advice

Mr Jordan met with me, unscheduled and unannounced, gave me solid, helpful, legal advice and represented me by phone with the opposing attorney. He returned my call a week later, at the end of his work day, when I needed him again, and continued advising me. Never asked for a dime. I appreciate Mr Jordan for his time and helpful advice. Hope to never need legal assistance again, but I’ll turn to him if I do. Thanks, Al.

Blake Steward

The BEST attorneys on the Gulf Coast.

The BEST attorneys on the Gulf Coast. Al Jordan will work with you, he's VERY professional, got a great attitude, has sympathy and empathy... All in all, "good people".


The best professional Law Firm

The best professional Law Firm I have ever worked with. Mr.Al Jordan is one of the best attorney's I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I will recommend this law firm to any and all that ask.

James Stiglets

I highly recommend Mr. Al Jordan!

I highly recommend Mr. Al Jordan! It was such a pleasure working with him, and him being on my case! He’s very professional, kind, and when he is on your case he lets you know everything going on behind the scene as soon as he gets an update! Whether it’s during office hours or after, you can count on him for ANY concerns you may have. I know for now on if I need any legal advice from anyone or need a lawyer, Al Jordan will definitely be the one I call!

Lauren Packer

Personable direct and expedient

This was my second contract negotiation with Mr Jordan - personable direct and expedient!

Terri Thames

Can’t thank you enough

Al Jordan, I can’t thank you enough for the legal advice. Again. You’re my go-to guy. Some day Maybe I’ll actually pay your for it! Your pro bono game is strong. Thanks again.

Gary Steward

Very helpful and honest

Mr Jordan was very helpful and Honest and took the time after hours to talk to me and explain every aspect of what I should do and offered to answer any questions at any time. Very professional. Will use them in the future if needed.

Jim Rungo

The most professional and knowledgeable

I have used 5 attorneys in the past 10 years. Al by far is the most professional and knowledgeable attorney I have met. He does everything he says and is amazing In the courtroom. I would highly recommend him and people you better do your research on some of these other ones on the coast before you pay them.

Carley Heitzmann
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