Mr. Healy is a person who I trust and respect

Mr. Healy represented me on a case wherein he sued an individual for money owed to me. His entire firm represented themselves in a professional manner. Every time I called to discuss my case, I always got to either speak to Mr. Healy or to one of his staff members who provided me with an updated status. I was copied on all correspondence to and from the Court which let me know how my case was proceeding. Mr. Healy is a person who I trust and respect very much! I value his advice and will seek his assistance when I am in need of an honest opinion. I was so impressed with Mr. Healy and his staff, that when a friend of mine was getting out of the Navy, I recommended that she apply for a position at his office because I thought she could learn a lot from him about the civilian legal system. She did and was hired for her first paralegal position, outside of the Navy. Oh and of course, Mr. Healy got a Default Judgment against the individual who owed me money and for that, I thank him very much! I would recommend Mr. Healy and his staff to anybody who is in need of representation. Thank you Mr. Healy and please thank you staff members!

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