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The Benefits of Hiring a DUI Penalty Attorney in Gulfport, MS

If you've previously been charged with a DUI, you're aware of the criminal penalties it can cause, as well as damage to your record. However, there are strategies you can utilize to fight these charges. While drunk driving offenses are severe, it is possible to have them reduced or even dropped. Hiring a DUI criminal defense attorney in Gulfport, MS is a necessary first step towards this goal. 

These lawyers know the ins and outs of the law and can offer advice and expertise that will assist clients in navigating the legal system, increasing your chances for a successful case resolution. 

DUI penalties can include jail time, hundreds of dollars in fines, suspension of your license, probation, and more. But with the help of a DUI defense attorney, you can avoid some, if not all, of these circumstances.

The Different Types of DUI Penalties

There are various types of DUI penalties that an individual may face if convicted of driving under the influence. The severity of these penalties will vary based on the driver's blood alcohol content (BAC), their ability to complete field sobriety tests, whether they have previously been convicted of DUI or DWI in the past, their cooperation with authorities' questions, and a variety of other factors. 

If you were detained for DUI, seeking legal assistance immediately is advised to help wade through the process. A DUI attorney can help you challenge  evidence against you, negotiate for a reduced sentence, and work to reinstate your driver's license.

Healy & Jordan offers a free initial consultation if you are charged with driving under the influence in the Gulfport, MS area. We can help you understand your rights and options and will fight tirelessly to protect your freedoms and provide fair representation.

Common DUI penalties include:


An individual convicted of DUI may be required to pay steep fines. Depending on the jurisdiction, the fine could range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Jail Time

A first-time DUI offender may face up to six months in jail. However, if a person has a history of DUI convictions, or their BAC level is exceptionally high, they could spend closer to a year in prison.

License Suspension

An individual's driver's license will likely be suspended following a DUI conviction. The length of the suspension can vary from a few months to several years based on the individual's BAC and the laws governing their home jurisdiction.

Interlock Device

A breathalyzer that is installed in a person's car is known as an interlock device. The device prevents the vehicle from starting if it detects alcohol on the driver's breath. Interlock devices are often required for individuals with multiple DUI convictions or those with high BAC levels.

Alcohol Treatment Program and Community Service

An alcohol rehabilitation program may be prescribed, especially for repeat offenders. Additionally, community service hours are often tacked on as an addition to the other sentences.

How Can DUI Penalties Affect Your Life?

Consequences of a DUI offense can be life-altering, regardless of classification as a felony or a misdemeanor. Beyond the lawful repercussions, problems with drugs and alcohol can seriously harm your personal life, from performance at work to relationships with people. A DUI can often be a wake up call before it leads to injury, bankruptcy, divorce, or even death.

For a first offense, the maximum fine for a DUI in Mississippi is $1,000. For a second or third time, the cost can rise, up to $5,000. In the case of jail time, the maximum sentence for a first offense in Mississippi is 48 hours. For a third offense, though, you can expect to spend nearly 5 years behind bars. The typical license suspension for the first offense in Mississippi is 90 days. A DUI on your record may mean losing your job or having a hard time finding one in the future.

When you add it all up, a DUI, no doubt, will complicate your life.  Skilled DUI attorneys have the knowledge, conduct the research, and compile the evidence and information against you to get the charges reduced or dismissed. They can also negotiate with prosecutors for a lighter sentence. If you are facing a DUI charge, do not try to handle it on your own. Hire a qualified DUI attorney who can help protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

Cost to Hire a DUI Lawyer

The average cost of hiring an attorney for a criminal offense such as DUI ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 but depends heavily on the severity of your charge and number of prior offenses. Compensation also typically depends upon the outcome of the case including any awarded damages or settlement amount, etc.

A first-time offender is more likely to strike a compromise with prosecution, resulting in a lesser charge and less severe punishment. If you have prior DUI convictions, you're bound to face more serious charges and more severe penalties, increasing your attorney's costs.

Benefits of Hiring DUI Penalty Attorneys in Gulfport

A DUI penalty attorney will know the laws in your state and can use this knowledge to help you avoid a conviction. An attorney can also negotiate with prosecutors to get charges reduced or dismissed.

An experienced DUI penalty attorney will know the ins and outs of the court system and can help you avoid the worst-case scenarios. For instance, in the case of a license suspension, an attorney can help you get a restricted version for driving to and from work or school. If you are facing a DUI charge, don't go it alone. Find a lawyer who knows the system and can assist you in protecting your rights.

If you find yourself in a situation requiring an experienced attorney who's dealt with the issues a DUI can cause, contact the Healy & Jordan Law Firm today for a free case evaluation. Our experience, reviews, and results speak for themselves, so let our law practice work for you to reduce potential fines or penalties so you can get back on your feet right away.

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